Dutch Bay Resorts Kalpitiya

Book now!Nestled in the breathtakingly beautiful island of Sri Lanka is Dutch Bay.  Set within an oasis of mangrove forests, and water reservoirs, you will find Dutch Bay Resorts. A tranquil sanctuary, Dutch Bay Resorts consists of 3 phases. Phase 1 is fully operational and consists of 16 Signature Hideaway Mangrove Chalets of 5 star boutique standards.

The Chalets, reflect the region’s colonized heritage in every elegant arch, white-bricked edifice, golden-sanded pathways and reflective lagoon and Indian Ocean lifestyle, depicting the homage of Kalpitya’s adventurous tail.  Phase 2 will consist of exquisite 80-100 Signature Villas, a magnificent Town Center, a glorious Dutch Fort, and remarkable Golf Course along with a Golf Club. Phase 3 will have a marvelous Marina and Yacht Club.

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Kalpitiya was once known as Kalpenty, which was the name given by the early Dutch colonists. Kalpitiya is located in Sri Lanka’s North Western Province of the Puttalam District, on the peninsula that separates the Puttalam lagoon from the Indian Ocean. The total area of the Kalpitiya Peninsula is around 92.26 km².   The population density is on average 704 individuals per km² with a total estimated population of 64,912. The inhabitant breakdown consists of 54% Sinhalese, 40% Muslim and 6% Tamil.  In addition to Dutch Bay Island, there are 14 islands off the Kalpitiya Peninsula, 6 of which will be part-leased to the private sector for the purposes of becoming tourism developments for the Phase 1 of The Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Resort Development Project (KITRDP).
Kalpitiya is one of the most picturesque, virgin coastal areas of Sri Lanka.  The Department of Wildlife Conservation, and Ministry of Environment, has declared the Kalpitiya peninsula area a marine sanctuary.  This is largely due to the presence of 40km² of live coral, within a 307 km² aquatic haven.  Kalpitiya has a wide variety of diverse habitats, including bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangrove swamps, salt marshes and vast sand dune beaches. The eastern part of the Kalpitiya Peninsula includes The Wilpattu National Forest.  The climate is generally tropical with an annual average rainfall of about 1,400mm (800mm to 1,900 mm). Kalpitiya maintains very high temperatures all year round (28°C to 36°C), perfect for travel during any season. 

Every grain of sand has its own story to tell you. Dutch Bay is a 21st Century Innovation, with a 16th Century address.


  • Lagoon Front Signature Mangrove Chalets under 5 Star Boutique category commenced operation on 7th June 2013
  • Internationally qualified luxury resort operational team managing the Resort
  • Ayurvedic Aroma Therapy Spa enhancing the customized green cosmetic line, headed by an Ayurvedic Doctor, await to rejuvenate you at your own kumbuk terrace
  • Leading Environmental and Socio Management team under EML  and Government Authorities of Sri Lanka enhancing the “Green Philosophy” to protect the rich biodiversity and to improve the socio aspect of the fisher folk (islanders living and supporting the ongoing operation of Phase 1)
  • Lagoon activities and Private Dining on your private jetty
  • 800meters of tracking from Phase 1 to the beach facility, whilst Phase 2 Resort Facility Center (Dutch Fort) to be constructed on the beach will provide world class recreational facilities
  • Access to Seasonal activities (due to south west monsoons from end May to August) such as Dolphin watching, Whale watching , Snorkeling, Diving, Sports fishing and Pearl diving
  • Year round wind based water sport activities. Dutch Bay Island (dream Spot) is recognized as one of the top most kite surfing and wind surfing locations in the world
  • Access to wild life park “Wilpattu” which is one of the dense forests (pre-arrangements must be made)
  • Boat tour along the Wilpattu boarder to witness the rich bio diversity, amazing landscapes and places of importance to Sri Lankan history.
  • Highly trained on site Security and additional Security Personnel available upon request
  • 24/7 medical attention upon request
  • 24/7 Valet/Butler/Security/Reception & Duty Manager services
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning facility


  • Floating Kumbuk balcony with private jetty access to most chalets due to dense mangrove forests
  • Fully air-conditioned Chalet
  • American Standard orthopedic (7’x7’) customized mattress
  • World Class Bed Linen & Towels
  • Pillow menu
  • Carpet slippers
  • Customized Dutch Bay Resorts “green Philosophy” cosmetic range
  • Tea/Coffee facility
  • Mini bar items, Wines of your choice to be selected  upon bookings and request
  • Hot & cold water
  • Pressurized rain showers
  • Shaver mirrors
  • Hair Dryer
  • Bath robes
  • In-room safety deposit boxes
  • TV/DVD Player
  • Satellite channel network
  • Wireless phones
  • PABX facility
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wireless processor & keyboard
  • Emergency lights
  • Emergency torches
  • LED light fittings
  • Weighing Scales

Our mosaic suffused Chalet’s, amalgamate classic colonial Dutch inspired structures uniting elements of local architecture, encapsulating Dutch Bay Island’s Euro-Sri Lankan heritage.

Each Lagoon Chalet provides a spacious living area consisting of a customized bed, larger than any standard European King, so you may feel majestic, floating on clouds, as you drift off into a sweet dreamy slumber. 

Every Chalet includes an extensive individual private lounge kumbuk timber decking, facing the lagoon, secluded by mangrove jungles, some viewing bay waters.

A prodigious open aired bathroom with a rain shower will have you feeling you are under a rain forest waterfall, whilst hearing the echoes of nature’s music soothing your senses.

Just as ancient Kings and Queens immersed in rose water, treat yourself  like the royalty you are and indulge in our signature Dutch Bay Cosmetics Line made with 100% natural active ingredients, with our complimentary botanically infused hair care, and rose oil skin care. Dutch Bay Cosmetics are also available to purchase in our gift shop. 

Surrounded by Dutch Sri Lankan glamorous columns, the 5 star restaurant has a sophisticated dining atmosphere to cosset a signature menu. Situated alongside the pool, Dutch Bay Resorts 5 Star International Cuisine Restaurant (Beside the Lounge Bar) features an ideal concept of indulge in luxury amongst the mangrove forest. The views of Kalpitiya rich lagoon and the fresh breeze that flows through the restaurant.
International Fusion Cuisine
Our Kalpentyn export quality seafood is caught fresh daily. You may bite into an oyster with a pear, as Dutch Bay’s pearl banks were a world-renowned pearl excavating site.

Around the clock 5 Star Class service will make you feel you are dreaming as a genie in a bottle commands and grants you with any wish you desire.

Private dining area designated in the mangrove forest will give you your ultimate secret dining experience to share with your significant other.

Private Sunrise/Sunset/Starlit breakfast/lunch/dinner cruises on a boat/yacht are available upon request and reservation.

Gaze and float into the sunset as you lounge on your own kumbuk balcony while enjoying hookah and drinks, awaiting the BBQ, Pizza Hut to clay oven bake or open fire grill for your order.

Allow yourself to drift away in an enchanted daydream beach side around a bonfire whilst cultural musicians play music that will linger on….

The Galaxy Pool
Unwind yourself by the poolside and allow the sun to embrace you for an unforgettable bliss.

Dutch Bay Resort’s 24 meter swimming pool is finished in hand cut midnight blue tiles, for you to imagine gliding through a galaxy of stars at night.

The Pool Terrace overlooks a forest of mangrove trees that coast the line of the lagoon, as it clears for an entrance of the mangrove timber-decked pier, which leads you to a direct boat launch.

With signature pillowed cloud-like sofas, the bar area is ideal for casual dining, and social lounging. This open aired venue housed within the 5 star restaurant offers a selection of cigars, hookah, fine champagnes, extensive selection of wines, liquors, signature cocktails, caviar, unique aperitifs, every menu option, and any luxurious desire you may wish to indulge in.

Our lush surrounding is ideal for relaxation over a high tea.

Beneath the Bar and Lounge, you will find a collection of eminent reading material to expand your minds horizon during your leisure time.

Hide Away Spa
Come escape from the world and let your mind float off to a wonderful dreamland as you pamper yourself and captivate our ageless Holistic Spa Treatments. 

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit by selecting from a variety of spa packages and treatments to help restore your natural balance. In a mangrove forest, with only sounds of saccades and crickets as music to your ears, allow our skilled spa therapists to release all your stresses and pressure, with our ancient remedies.

Sensory pleasures of aromatic oils and specially trained spa therapists will leave you in a daze.

Boutique Gift Shop
Visit our Boutique gift shop so you may take away a piece of Dutch Bay. Souvenirs are a great way to remember the beautiful time spent in paradise, to take back home and share with your friends and family. You may purchase our signature items including gift sets, cosmetics, and other amenities.

Leisure Activities
Recreational diving in the area is phenomenal given the multitude of wrecks, Pearl Banks and reefs dotted around the underwater sanctuary of the Dutch Bay Areas. Furthermore, for experienced divers, the open waters are well known for abundance of pelagic fish. Sport’s fishing is also popular. Conditions are perfect for surfing and windsurfing. The lagoon of Dutch Bay is known as “The Dream Spot” for many kite surfing schools practicing and enjoying the weather right throughout the year.

At the far end of the beach at Dutch Bay is one of the world’s most important turtle nesting sites. The Area is also known for its Sperm Whales and Blue Whales breeding grounds and wide variety Dolphins, Dugongs, native and migrating bird species.