The Golf Club

Whether golf is a part of your trip or the whole point, when you play on an international golf course on the coastal zone of the Indian Ocean, you’ll remember it for a lifetime.  Reflecting local grandeur, Dutch Bay Resorts 9 hole gulf course is in a setting of a breathtaking Beach, Lagoon, and the distinctive mangrove forest of DBR.  Play a game of golf as a warm tropical breeze blows right through out the year. You may have a complete peace of mind while playing nearby the birthplace of many species of The Wilpattu Jungle, which is right across the waters of the DBR Lagoon. Sri Lanka’s Kalpitiya region grasps an uninterrupted written History, of The Great Conical of Sri Lanka, which is indeed a place where one must visit at least once in their life. 

The international standard 9-hole golf course includes spectacular views of the Wilpattu jungle and its blue sky.  The course is designed to integrate the natural surroundings while embracing the culture and heritage of this Island. It is with this in mind we provide our guests with a unique opportunity to play in some of the finest backdrops the game has to offer, while receiving the exceptional service and luxurious standards that are expected from the historical destination this Gulf Club will provide. Carry on your round with our well-planned hospitality service, fine dining, and impeccable service for an incredible experience that will make a memory a long and lasting one.

Even though water is an expensive commodity on Dutch Bay Island, we aim to fall within the framework of International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) headed by the H.R.H Prince of Wales and are committed to responsible tourism through our Green Philosophy. 

We invite you to play a game of golf with us, alongside the beach, and lagoon, in the heart of our mangrove forests.

It's not whether you win or lose, it’s where you play the game.