Dutch Bay Resorts Exclusive VIP Club

The Exclusive VIP Club Members are those who purchase and own timeshare points of DBR in both Phase 1, Phase 2, and the Yacht Club of Phase 3. The appointed Resort Operator will manage the VIP Club, on behalf of our Signature Villa Lease Holders, Owners, and Exclusive VIP Members.  The Exclusive VIP Club is hassle free concept where luxury becomes accessible in our carefully selected rich geographical destination, Dutch Bay Resorts.

The Exclusive VIP Club Concept

The concept is designed for high net worth individuals who care for nature with minimum risk factors. The most attractive components would be the accessibility this Luxury Living with fixed rates for 10 years that are discounted from 50 to 150. The members will have the privilege of using all facilities at the pre agreed room rates, even after 9 years. Your capital growth will become an added bonus for Exclusive VIP club Members.

The Club and its VIP Exclusive Membership Program is being developed and established for the benefit of its exclusive members. The control of its operation will eventually be passed to the Owners’ Union and Management Company/Operator. A corporate body committee will be established upon completion of the development. The do’s and don’ts and terms and conditions are similar to other High-end Luxury Resort dwellings of highly reputable VIP country clubs around the world. With a powerful concept and unique service provided by international industry experts, The Exclusive VIP Membership aims to strategically increase the accessibility of high net worth members, in the global market. In essence, we aim to provide a broad select global network with specifically designed facilities to allow our members, individuals, and/or organizations in growing further while enriching their lifestyle, and well-being.