Broad Principles of Operation

The tourism in Sri Lanka is well established and is focusing on positioning itself as one of the regional leaders for affluent travelers. The Exclusive VIP Club Membership in Sri Lanka is a relatively new concept, which will be managed to a 5- 6 star standard. Once operational, the resort will be of the highest touchstones, similar to famous tourist destinations such as:  Thailand, Indonesia, Seychelles, Bali and Mauritius.

The Sri Lanka’s legal framework strictly regulates developers on the basis of: (1) Stringent conditions to EIA licenses; (2) numerous restrictions on building characteristics. The legal framework also obliges developers and owners to take responsibility for the orderly setting up of an owner’s union.

The Objective of The Exclusive VIP Club Membership Program

The objective is to create a channel that will be trusted, used and eventually managed on behalf of Villa owners.  The Exclusive VIP Club is a hassle free concept where luxury becomes accessible in carefully selected rich geographical destinations. The concept is designed for high net worth individuals who desire less financial exposure and minimal risk factors. The most attractive components would be the accessibility to luxury with fixed rates for 10 years, including additional discounts on F&B, Spa Treatments, Leisure Activities, and up to 65% discounts on room rates and Signature villas.

Services Included in The Exclusive VIP Club Program  

The Resort Operator and appointed Directors will maintain the legal relationships that govern the resort. This team will have the decision-making authority, including what approvals are necessary to be taken, and whether there is a clear understanding of the vision of the resort and customer expectations. 
Administration involves accounting, record systems, compliance with resort legal instruments, compliance with federal, state or local laws and regulations, documentation, human resources management, technology, office equipment and other back office concerns.

Housekeeping covers the cleaning and replenishment of units and recreational amenities.

Maintenance of buildings and grounds involve the physical state of the real estate, furniture, fixtures, recreational facilities, roads, parking areas, sidewalks, landscaping, machinery, utility infrastructures and telecommunications equipment, routine maintenance, capital improvements and security.

Finances involve the financial condition of the resort, records, budgets, revenue, expenses, collections, internal controls, audits, taxes, and reserves, relationships with financial institutions, deposit accounts, and lines of credit.

Customer Relations involve Concierge services, reservation and rental services, newsletters, owners meetings, information services, transfers of vacation interests and recreational activities.

The Exchange Program Relationship involves maintaining or improving the classification of the resort in the exchange system. Example: RCI International affiliation
Booking and Reservation Engine.

The reservation engine will be internet based. Therefore the availability status of unit types within the rental program will be updated on real-time and can be viewed on the DBR & Swarna Dweep websites.  Owners and guests will also be able to make their reservations online or directly with the Japan based Office, or agents worldwide as per representing call center numbers provided on the DBR site.

Deposits and reservation payments will be secured and only be received by the Bank of Ceylon in Sri Lanka, or any other internationally recognized banker, operating in Sri Lanka.

Services Included in The Operational and In-Room Maintenance Fee

The management company/operator of the resort will provide owners and their guests with the quality and service standards one would expect in any reputable luxury resort. A team of well trained service personnel including butlers, maids, housemen, handymen, gardener, pool maintenance and supervisor, will be responsible for the up keep, under the sharp eye of an experienced manager.

A daily maid service will complete a change of linen and toweling, replacement of lifestyle bathroom amenities, evening turn down service, and will execute any minor detailed request to ensure that guests will feel the most special, pampered, and well taken care of, during there stay.

The daily in-room maintenance fee is a fractional amount, divided according to the number of days occupied by each guest. The maintenance fee is based on international 5 star operational rates, which may differ due to currency fluctuations. Such rates would be fully available prior check-in.

Services Carried Out by The Resort Operator as Operational Responsibilities

•  Maintenance and up keeping of individual units including interior and exterior of all properties, and resort infrastructure.

•  Star amenities and services during the guests stay. (In-room amenities Excluded)

•  Concierge services

The Essence of DBR’s Exclusive VIP Club Program

Sri Lanka’s Leisure and Tourism sector is witnessing a tremendous demand in hotel rooms and is still lacking exclusively gated community developments for affluent travelers. DBR’s Exclusive VIP Club is one of a kind in the world and is similar to the fastest growing vacation home and timeshare industry. The change and evolution will continue to become the main aspect of the leisure industry through out the word. Therefore, Dutch Bay Resorts Exclusive VIP Club Membership concept is highly acceptable and in demand to internationally acclaimed hospitality professionals. The Exclusive VIP Club Program will become an invitation only concept after its first 3 years of membership enrollment and development.

Every year, tens of thousands are making lifetime commitments to luxury, well-being, and lifestyle. Therefore, holidaying in unspoiled environments that are rich in bio diversity will become an expensive lifestyle. At Dutch Bay Resorts, we strive to deliver and make it possible for you to experience the luxury lifestyle, at a fraction of a cost. 
At DBR, our mission is committed to quality and to provide an unparalleled experience for our guests to have an unforgettable time.  

Management of The Exclusive VIP Club Program

The exclusive VIP Club will be monitored and governed by, The Dutch Bay Resorts Corporate body, or the Owners Union set up by the Developer. All units and common areas will be maintained at a 5 star plus standard with the participation of an association of Exclusive VIP Members who will represent the community, and remain involved with the Corporate Body or the Owners Union of DBR’s Exclusive VIP Club.

Benefits for The Exclusive VIP Club Members

The Exclusive VIP Club Members have a luxurious vacation home in a premier location at their disposal. Most units in the program have wonderful features and services that enhance their appeal to potential buyers as well as future renters. Typical amenities included in The Dutch Bay Resorts development are:

•  24/7 Butler Services

•  24/7 F&B Services

•  24/7 Medical Care; Doctor and Nurse on call

•  Discounted rates for F&B, Laundry, Spa, & Leisure Activities.

•  Services will also include concierge and housekeeping.

•  9 Hole Golf Course Membership available at a discounted fee upon completion of phase 2 (green fee applies).

•  One night on DBR yacht service – a fractional fee may be applicable, subject to availability of yachts at the time of making the reservation.

•  Eligibility to become a member of The Dutch Bay Foundation.

•  Multiple re-entry visas to Sri Lanka under the “My Dream Home package,” proposed by the Passport and Immigration Department of Sri Lanka. Moreover, we are in discussion with the Economic Development Ministry to secure special visa arrangements for The Exclusive VIP Club Members as the government is keen on encouraging quality tourism and long-term retirement opportunities throughout the Island.

•  Special Airline discounted rates through Sri Lankan Airlines.

The on-site management company takes care of all upkeep, maintenance and interaction with Exclusive VIP Club Members.

The Exclusive VIP Members will have an option to purchase the whole unit on a 99 year lease where the unit can be leased back to the operator for management and have a split share of profits made through rental incomes.  

How often may I occupy a unit at DBR?

The Exclusive VIP Club Member is entitled to stay any number of nights depending on the availability and also based on point credit availability in their account. Fresh points can be purchased if necessary through Swarna Dweep, The Resort Operator, as well as online.

The bookings are to be done 3 months in advance and a confirmation must be received from the Management Company of DBR.

What are The Exclusive VIP Club Points?

The exclusive VIP Club member can redeem discount rates applicable to occupy any type of selected Signature Villa in the natural surroundings of The Kalpitiya Peninsula, Northwest Coast of Ceylon’s, Dutch Bay Island.


Each discounted point is US$ 1

Each VIP member will automatically earn points for the value of money he or she spends on a Signature Home. Such points awarded, may be utilized towards an upgrade on any type of villa. Points may be purchased anytime, however, the points will expire in 10 years. All points must be utilized in the first 10 years, unless a special written approval is obtained from the management company of DBR.

Each Exclusive VIP member will have the ability to gain additional points on money spend on F&B and Spa usage. The operator will introduce such points while regular redeeming privileges will be communicated through Resorts Quarterly news flyer.