Unique Luxury Scale Investment Opportunity

Dutch Bay Island, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka has huge tourism growth potential. Free of the threat of natural disasters, there should be no hesitation to invest in this tsunami free zone. So far, Kalpitiya has remained an unexplored, undeveloped secret to tourists and international property investors, until recently. 

As one of Asia’s closest tropical paradise islands, rich in colonial history, natural breath taking beauty, and ecological wonders, Dutch Bay Island is rapidly attracting  expatriate investors from all over the Globe. 

Heavy investment infrastructure improvements have placed Dutch Bay at the forefront of the global appeal. Dutch Bay is in an early stage property investment market with all the potential for lucrative capital growth.

Having a year round travel temperature season, this new development and its investment opportunity will lead to exceptionally high occupancy rates and strong rental yields that are difficult to compare to any area of the world.

Tourists and Investors are heading to Sri Lanka to embrace and be apart of what Dutch Bay Island promises.

The Exclusive VIP Club membership offers you an unprecedented level of protection for your investment towards holidaying in Sri Lanka.

We at Dutch Bay Resorts, (DBR) offer you a strategically masterminded VIP Club concept administered by leading International Lawyers and Auditors.

DBR owns 180+ acres of a prime free hold region of the Island called Dutch Bay. The development finance is sourced through the State Bank of Ceylon, (BOC) while phase 1 is to be operation in November 2012. Your deposits will be in a foreign currency account under BOC and closely monitored by the investment managers and the credit committee of the BOC.

Essentially, you can enjoy the luxury and the privileges of phase 1, during the construction period of phase 2. The signature designs will be released on phase basis and would be ready to accommodate on first come first basis.

The construction cost will be released on stage completion basis, upon full completion of site inspections jointly carried out by the committee of BOC and the consultants and architects of DBR. We are also closely monitored by the Ministry of Tourism, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Board of Investment for Sri Lanka, Central Environmental Authority, Coast Conservation Authority, Forest Department of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Interior. We work hand in hand to protect the reputation and the economic development of our Motherland Sri Lanka, through highly educated team of consultants under Economic Development Ministry, headed by the Honorable Minister Basil Rajapaksa.

The International Insurance Company (Chartis AIG) and the under-writer will secure the construction from any unforeseen issues and any defect liabilities related to the development. The financial projection monitored and updated regularly by Price Waterhouse Coopers, is also secured by an additional premium so the expected revenues are not hindered due any unexpected incident that may disturb the construction progress.

Sri Lanka, formerly know as Ceylon has always been an unexplored secret tourist destination. As South East Asia’s diversified tropical island paradise, rich in colonial history, natural beauty and ecological wonders, Sri Lanka awaits you.