Kite Surfing Sri Lanka


Welcome to the hottest new kiting destination in the world - Dutch Bay Island!

What is Kite surfing:
Kite Surfing, a combination of kite flying and surfing, is also known as Kite Boarding or Fly Surfing. A kite surfer is attached to a board using foot straps or bindings while being connected to a huge kite (usually measures 7-23 meters) using a Kite Harness. Kite surfers are propelled through the water by kites that are controlled by ropes in order to stay on air. Aside from piloting the kite, kite surfers also have to simultaneously manoeuvre the board on water.

Kite Surfing is relatively new but it is already gaining popularity among extreme and water sport enthusiasts. It is an exciting and challenging activity. There are so many things to know and the learning process will teach you a lot. The beauty of it lies in the experience. Give it a try and take pleasure in the thrills of this wonderful form of recreation.

Why in Kalpitiya:
Kalpitiya has the ideal conditions for learning the sport – flat, shallow lagoon, reliable winds and ample space. Our partner “Kitesurfing Lanka” (KSL) is an up and coming popular kite surfing company and is situated in Kalpitiya area.  KSL offer lessons, rentals and repairs as well as help organize kite trips as there are several small islets, reef and sandbanks between the ocean and the lagoon which present a perfect place for kite surfing.

All instructors are certified and speak a number of languages which include English, German, Italian, Russian and French. The prices per person start from 80 euro for 2 hours up to 310 euro for a full 9 hour course.

The ideal season for Kite surfing is from April till October, when you can surf all day long if you like. The rest of the year there are plenty of days that you can enjoy this exciting sport, depends on the wind of course.

Kite surfing is an amazing sport and is more about technique than physical strength so, no matter your age or sporting experience, if you have the will you should give it a try!